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This is a purchase for a waist up bust shot of your favorite character or original character. Full colour simple background included.
Within My Spirit by Jennycah blackwood sketch by Jennycah Quick paint by Jennycah
Rainbow Sketches.
Rainbow Sketches: You can order up rainbow sketches. You can have up to 2 of your favorite character or original character in a sketch. Plain background included.
Color sketch Mew by Jennycah Kisses anyone? by Jennycah Commission Sketch by Jennycah

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Fan art Hinata by Jennycah
Fan art Hinata
Yep I LOVE her so much. 
I did a fanart of her and thought I would share >u< Hope you guys like thanks for viewing. 

I do more on my tumblr so if you have one come join me. 
I more than likely do request there at my own time @ JustCrazy4U 
Hope you guys like ON to the next one take care god bless. 

Hinata belongs to Naruto of course. 
Fanart is ME hee hee 
Gurren Lagann Crazy by Jennycah
Gurren Lagann Crazy
In the halloween spirit. Been wanting to draw costumes or cosplay on my peeps hee hee.
So here is Jay as Simon and Melony as Yoko from one of MY FAVE anime<3 
hee hee I hope you like thanks for viewing!

If you have any ideas on what to draw my peeps in please do share * u * I will do my best to doodle them up >u< 
Jay and Mel belong to me and are from my webcomic Just crazy-> 

More artwork to come I love you guys ON to the next one <3 >u< 
Today is nice and Cold! 
8D and I don't want it hahaha. 
Wish you all well. 
Up late listening to the rain, having trouble sleeping as of now. But actually starting to dig this new look now with this activity post. Hmm not bad DA not Bad. *watching Youtube before passing out* 
Hee Hee Play With Me Happy October by Jennycah
Hee Hee Play With Me Happy October

Woo! finished and I love it! hee hee here is my little October baby OC from my months. I love how he came out he is a naughty chesh turns to kitty when he wants to play tricks on you. 

The treat of that is he is loveable...then he has morbid humor XD 
but still loveable 
sorry for the wait here he is, If you were born in october here is your guy!
He will bless you with a lot of TREATS fun and pranks. He will also give you courage to not fear the unknown. 
He would bring out the other part of you you didn't know was there :3

Thanks for viewing take care godbless



JKBarts Jennifer Brock
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United States
:rose:Graphic Designer who loves creating artworks and working on her webcomic.I am a very friendly open person. I usually chat and make friends with anyone. So feel free to ramble with me or note me.
I also do commissions
FOR COMMISSIONS SHOP visit my JKBarts store or email me at for more information.
I use paypal 8D

Halloween coming up, First Poll of use guys 8D. What Halloween Picture should I do this year with my ocs in costume?? 

7 deviants said Jem and the Holograms
5 deviants said 80s film movie costumes
5 deviants said Nightmare Before Christmas
4 deviants said Zombies
3 deviants said Harry Potter
2 deviants said Super Heros or Xmen
2 deviants said Jet Set Radio
Happy blessed Sunday everyone I hope you are all doing well.
I wish you all well and have a wonderful day.
As of now I had a great shower ha ha and got this nappy head straighten out nice to take on my day today.

One of the things that is on my mind is comic works.
You know I think some people don't understand how difficult it can be to do comics. Webcomics or the printed comics of course even both.
It's not just the money and the advertising of it, it's the actual confidence that you need to have a build up of YOLO! Get what you love and make it come to life and take that chance that you only get to do once in your life. So if you never start it will never be.

I personally feel sometimes numbers make it harder for the artist or story writer.
It takes such determination and defeat to build yourself, characters and story.
That old saying my grandma use to tell me before she passed was, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...but baby girl we shouldn't ever think of what doesn't kill because there is a lot of things that won't kill you. But in fact and change your life fully emotionally and deep in your heart. So what ever challenges come your way and you wake up the next day and able to get out of bed and still continue on forward makes your stronger. Just the thought of living and wanting to achieve your goals no matter how strong.

Ha ha ha it's like you could have the worst possible day EVER and say that's it flip it all to hell in a basket and let the devil eat it. Then go to bed pissed up or depressed. And it could all be because you didn't get a chance to go out and check out that cute little honey and make moves to get closer to her, because you were to busy with other things. That goal to get that honey burns within you, so you sleep to the next day.

And that beautiful moment when the sunrises or you wake up is like another stamp of approval you made it to tomorrow so let's start life again today. And chase down that honey on fb! XD  Yes this is how I use to write before I got to shy of how my mind thinks. I love speaking my mind and chatting to others and just being there.

In other words, what I'm saying is I love comics. I love art! I love drawing emotions and painting colours from my mind that I couldn't before. I honestly thought I would mega fail I wanted to be the very best! -Pokemon song theme insert- But seeing other artist and comics is deflating.

It happens you question yourself, your art style, and story. Or even just if you are likable numbers and faves and all that can really break you down. But still you try.
You really honestly try, because you want that so badly it's a challenge we face.
In life, in art, or whatever we love to do and want to do.

It is that challenge of, damn I didn't do well today, or my story isn't great enough or my arms are wobbly like nannerpuss. It is that challenge of getting over disappointment braving to try again and working hard. I most certainly know that if I just gave up and laid in bed like, the art gods mock me I wouldn't of gotten even this far.

Numbers can be killers to art souls, creative souls! Opinions too can cut worst than a steak knife on a prime rib. But this is life challenges are there for a reason. I know it's gonna be hard for me while making my comic and drawing up ideas and such to get where I feel comfortable and confident. But even so if it takes me even 5 more years, because it differs between others young or old. I need to keep that burning passion.
And be thankful grateful for what I have and trust me I'M SO GRATEFUL!

I wake up and it's like Xmas when I see that I am improving little by little or that you guys are nice enough to comment or fave or even say anything ha ha. Numbers use to really scare me. But you know what to beginner artist and others that feel intimidated, yes one is the loneliest number but it's better than 0. :)

What is the crazy monkey saying after blabbering this long.
Keep creating, keep being you, keep waking up the next day with your fist in the air with a might f*ck yeah I'm gonna own it. You never know what you will gain, learn, or even accomplish with your goals. Just don't give up.  Keep on being you there is only one of you so carry on!!

I just did a goal today I got back to speaking my mind and talk from my heart.
So no matter what happens or how my day ends, at least I was able to do one of what I miss doing before I got insecure about speaking my mind.

So there you go happy Sunday and if you made it this far reading it OAO you are freggan sweet. And I hope you got a warm feeling in your heart. Who ever you are reading I find you beautiful and capable of achieving your dreams. And if you need a friend or someone to just talk to note me. Go ahead send me a note and I'll holla back.

God bless you.
Take care.
-Jenny Jen!
Ps. >A> grammar is another issue so if your eye twitch I promise you it's all from the heart and my heart doesn't know grammar XD it knows love ha ha ha. 
For my facebook- >

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Last fm
  • Watching: my sister play Walking Dead
  • Eating: what life gives me
  • Drinking: TONS OF WATER!!!!


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Good luck in college sweet :3 <3 
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